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Fur refurbishment

have one fur in the closet that we don't use it can really be one waste . Furs are comfortable, enveloping and in winter they are a salvation against the cold. These are expensive and high-end items, so there's no point in getting rid of them.

The best thing to do in these cases is to make one remodeling of the fur to be able to reuse it in a more modern guise. But how is it done?


When you choose to carry out this type of processing, you often choose furs that have been inherited or that have existed for many years. What makes a fur coat obsolete is the cut , the color and the processing . Some fur coats can be far too long and heavy to carry in these times, so a coat needs to be done real restyling . Before proceeding with the remodeling of the fur, some factors must be evaluated such as the state of wear of the fur, the quantity of usable leather, the type.

Experiments must be made to understand what the final result may be like and we try to understand whether or not it is appropriate to change the color, because the fur will have to be dyed. It is essential to take the measurements of the customer in question, so as to create a tailored garment that fits in the right place. Usually the weak parts of leather are removed, while the hides will be refurbished. It is essential to make various tests before closing the garment, in order to verify if there is a defect somewhere.


Not all furs can be refurbished, before proceeding it is essential to rely on someone expert who will give us the right advice. Sometimes fur coats can be so outdated that it is impossible to recover them , because the material is no longer good. Other times it is possible to proceed only with certain types of processing and others not. Being that such a process can reach rather high prices, it is essential to find a trusted craftsman who is honest.

The result of a remodeling of a fur coat must be a fashionable, easily usable and long-lasting garment. Therefore, in a nutshell, it is better to carry out this type of processing when the old fur is not too old and if the new item will last over time and meet our requirements.


The cost of a remodeling of the fur can vary according to the studio we turn to. However, it is good not to trust artisans who offer too low prices because it often means that the raw materials are not of high quality. Usually such a process is around the 800€ , both of mink what about fox .

Sometimes the dye may be included in the price but sometimes it may not be included. In order not to receive surprises, it is always advisable to request a quote, so as to get an idea of ​​the costs. In general, the price is justified by the fact that many treatments will be carried out and you will save a garment that still has excellent quality, but which has become obsolete over time.

As we have seen, it is possible to revive an old fur into a completely new and more current garment. This allows us not to throw away the fur and therefore not to buy a new one, which is why it is also a sustainable choice. Through the restyling process it will be possible to make the fur more fashionable, with a new cut and a color that is more suited to our tastes.

The artisans of the sector will be able to give us the right indications and advice to obtain a completely authentic, lighter and shinier garment. The remodeling of the fur is a process that requires time And technique , the main thing is to turn to competent people .